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To: Senators Thune and Rounds

I am writing to express by unhappiness and disappointment with the current government shutdown, and more particularly, the circumstances that have lead to it.

Despite assurances from the President on his widely televised “Look, Michael Wolff, I am TOO in charge!” meeting with Congressional leaders on Tuesday, January 15, a meeting wherein he stated, repeatedly and on camera that he would accept a bipartisan deal regarding immigration (whether it include funding for his Wall, or protections for a subset of DREAMers, or both), he has since reneged and acted in bad faith.

Worse, on Friday January 19, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell tweeted out what was effectively a ransom note, daring Democrats to choose between 8.9 million CHIP recipients (mostly sick kids) and 700 thousand DACA Dreamers (people who are hardworking patriotic Americans in all but legal status), all but declaring that he was willing to shut down the government in order to ensure that one of those groups was left unprotected.

While Trump and McConnell have presented this government shut-down as choice to illustrate the moral shortcomings of Democratics in Congress, it instead highlights only their moral bankruptcy, and be extension, the moral bankruptcy of those who choose to follow them.

Let me explain by way of an analogy. Think back to in Sam Raimi’s 2002 Spider-Man movie. (I know, I know, that was three whole Peter Parkers ago, but bear with me.)  At one point in the movie, the Green Goblin forces Spider-Man to choose between saving his crush Mary Jane or saving a tram car full of New Yorkers:

Who is the villain in this scenario?

Is it the guy who has to choose which set of people to save…


I'll give you a hint

I’ll give you a hint

You are my representatives in Congress. You are supposed to stand up for the people who live here, not lock ’em in a metaphorical tram car and threaten to drown them unless Spider-Schumer (or Spider-Pelosi) bows down before you.

Your bosses are being the Green Damn Goblin.

Start being Spider-Man.



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I just filled out the Trump Media Accountability Survey (which I will not link to, but which you can easily Google for yourself).  Unfortunately, it wants $35 before it’ll show me any results.  Nice grift.

However, for posterity’s sake, here were my responses.

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Me: Did you do anything cool in school today?

Butterfly: We did STEAM activities today. I learned about Andy Wormhole.

Me: Who now?

Butterfly: Andy Wormhole. He painted soup cans.

Me: Ah. Andy Warhol.

Butterfly: Oh yeah.

Me: Yep.

Butterfly: Well, he did look a little spacey.

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I want the long-form physical form, please

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Talkin’ shit

If you are arguing about whether or not Forty-Five actually used the term shit hole[1], or whether or not said countries (due to their standard of living, or natural disasters, or corrupt governments, or what not) actually are shit holes, then you have missed the point.

Really, if you hear the words

Really, if you hear the words “Trump” and “shit hole,” this is what you think, right?

Whether or not Forty-Five said Country X was a “shit hole” or just “demonstrably poor” is missing the forest for the trees. It’s that Forty-Five lamented, in front of congresscritters, that immigrants from such countries were undesirable, especially when compared to the porcelain white immigrants we could get from Norway.

Take this statement and contextualize it with Forty-Five’s earlier statements (this month!) that we should stop taking Haitian refugees because they “all have AIDS” and African refugees because they would “never go back to their huts”

Contextualize it with Forty-Five’s impotent, week-old condemnation of the Charlottesville white nationalists (condemnation, incidentally, that he almost immediately backed away from)…

Contextualize it with Forty-Five’s appointments to positions of power of noted racists such as Steve “I built a machine at Brietbart” Bannon, Jeff “I was once too racist for Republicans” Sessions, Steve “Foreclosure King” Mnuchin, etc…

Contextualize it with Forty-Five’s various failed attempts at banning Muslims or his pledge to wall off Mexico…

Contextualize it with Forty-Five’s announcing his candidacy in part because (almost) all Mexican immigrants were criminals, drug dealers, or rapists…

Contextualize it with Forty-Five’s pre-presidential run-ins with the Justice Department over housing discrimination against blacks

When his “shit hole” comment is contextualized with his history, it is a simple, clear, and ringing statement of straight-up racism by the President of the United States.

That’s the point.


[1] Although let’s face it, Trump totally called those countries shit holes.

The WP and AP had independent confirmations. Democratic congressmen in attendance confirmed it. The White House and Sarah Huckleberry Sanders conspicuously did NOT deny it in their statements, even acknowledging “tough language”.

The only person who denied it[2] was Trump… and then only 15 hours after the event (including the White House non-denial)… and then only when Fox and Friends mentioned he ought to deny it.

And if you haven’t figured out after the first 358 days of the Trump Presidency that the dude lies like a rug, well then you must be, like, a very stable genius.

The opposite of a tautology.

The opposite of a tautology.

[2] Actually, I just saw that Tom Cotton is also denying the “shit hole” statement, but that dude was the ringleader of the 47 Traitors, so his word is worth less than the paper it’s written on.

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