Deborah Alterman, Martin Mohlenkamp, and Gareth Roberts
All rights reserved

(Sung to the tune of Jingle Bells)

Looking for the tangent
It's really m we seek
With epsilon and delta
Mathematics looks like Greek

Trying to find a limit
Everything gets small
If you can't determine it
You land in L'Hopital

Calculus, Calculus
Let us celebrate
Riemann Sums, so much fun
We can integrate


Calculus, Calculus
Let us celebrate
dx, dy, dz, dt
We love related rates

Calc 2 is coming next
The really fun stuff starts
Integral x sin(x)
Only works in parts

Summing the series harmonic
The terms keep getting small
But isn't it ironic?
It won't converge at all

Calculus, Calculus
Put your mind at rest
Most divergent series fail
The Root or Ratio Test


Calculus, Calculus
While we sing this song
We can sum (1/2)n
It won't take all day long

Now on to Calc 3
Learning spheres and cones
Maximizing functions
With seventeen unknowns

Fancy vector fields
Finding flux of curl
Using Mr. Stokes
Over a circle

Calculus, Calculus
Ain't it really cool
Gauss and Green are really keen
Don't take them for fools


Calculus, Calculus
Ain't it really cool
f and g, composing thee
Time for the chain rule