Hyperbolic Orbit

Benjamin Newman

It's a universal law that bodies are drawn to one another by love (or gravity). But, sometimes, a relationship (or gravitational interaction) just isn't meant to last, and, after a quick fling, the two involved simply drift apart.

She is just a wanderer with no destination,
And he is just a stop along her way.
Coming near him, she feels a strange attraction,
But it might not be enough to make her stay.

Every part of her is drawn to be near him,
It warps her world, this feeling is so vast!
Perhaps that's why he thinks the earth revolves around him,
But as for her, she's moving much too fast...

It'll never last.

'Cause she is on a hyperbolic orbit;
No matter how she tries to bend, she knows the dance is going to end.
She is on a hyperbolic orbit,
And she won't be coming back his way again...

He's burning up inside, all his friends can see him glowing,
Can his warmth begin to melt her icy heart?
And leave a trail of stars so bright they paint her name across the night?
Or is it written they must always be apart?

Perhaps she wishes that she didn't have to leave him;
But she knows she's not the type to stay too long.
There won't be another chance, but she's got time for just one dance,
So she'll whirl around him once, then she'll move on...

And she'll be gone.

Cause she is on a hyperbolic orbit;
She has too much energy to be anything but free.
She is on a hyperbolic orbit,
And a wanderer is all she'll ever be...